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The Pros and Cons of Being an American Citizen
Published By Erin Miller on 2011-07-17 1589 Views

In every nationality, religious group, community, etc.. there are pros and cons and even hypocrises. Below I decided to do the cons first followed by the pros. Oh ,and yes the hypocrisy is included.


1. Discrimination is still dominant in the U.S.A.

2. The U.S. is in an economic crisis.

3. The U.S. tends to get a bad rap all around the world. Not everyone views us in a negative light but there are people out there that do.

4. We have a growing obesity rate due to the companies that control us and some people that are lazy. Yes I speak of corporate  America.

5. Companies are the ones in power and a few years ago went after children who opened a lemonade stand and demanded these children pay taxes. Yes I speak now of corporate greed.

6. Many  American jobs are outsourced to other countries.

7. Homosexual marriage isn’t legal yet in every state.

Those are the cons I can think of so far. Now to get to the pros. Oh yes and these once again are my own view points.


1. An American citizen is born free and has the right to free speech, and many other rights as well.

2. An  American has the right to an education. Also, if a citizen is born into poverty they can raise themselves above it without getting permission from their government first.

3. An American can be in any career they choose, whether it be art, writing, electrical engineering, mechanics, and other careers.

4. An  American has the ability to choose what their children watch and if they don’t want their children to watch a music video they can block it.

5. An American has the right to be in whatever religion they choose or to be an Atheist.

6. An American doesn’t have to ask permission from their government to walk around the block.

7. An American can speak bad about their government if they so choose to and not get in trouble for it. See the cons section of this list for an example.



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